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Introducing Stream Generated Captions, powered by Workers AI


With one click, users can now generate video captions effortlessly using Stream’s newest feature: AI-generated captions for on-demand videos and recordings of live streams...

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Introducing Stream Generated Captions, powered by Workers AI

Celebrating 10 years of Project Galileo


Project GalileoCloudflare HistoryApplication Services

Ten years ago today, Cloudflare launched Project Galileo, a program which today provides security services, at no cost, to more than 2,600 independent journalists and nonprofit organizations around the world supporting human rights, democracy, and local communities...

Exploring the 2024 EU Election: Internet traffic trends and cybersecurity insights


Cloudflare RadarTrendsElectionsElection SecurityDDoSInsights

The 2024 EU Parliament election caused declines in Internet traffic during voting and spikes during results announcements, with persistent cyber threats targeting government sites...

Internet insights on 2024 elections in the Netherlands, South Africa, Iceland, India, and Mexico


Cloudflare RadarInsightsTrendsElection Security

2024 brings a global increase in election activity. Here, we highlight traffic and cyberattack trends witnessed in countries like the Netherlands, South Africa, Iceland, India, and Mexico. Additionally, we provide an up-to-date 2024 Election Insights report on Cloudflare Radar...

Adopting OpenTelemetry for our logging pipeline



Recently, Cloudflare's Observability team undertook an effort to migrate our existing syslog-ng backed logging infrastructure to instead being backed by OpenTelemetry Collectors. In this post, we detail the process that we undertook, and the difficulties we faced along the way...

Disrupting FlyingYeti's campaign targeting Ukraine


Cloud Email SecurityCloudflare WorkersCloudforce OneCVEExploitGitHubIntrusion DetectionMalwareMicrosoftPhishingRemote Browser IsolationRussiaServerlessThreat DataThreat IntelligenceThreat OperationsUkraineVulnerabilities

In April and May 2024, Cloudforce One employed proactive defense measures to successfully prevent Russia-aligned threat actor FlyingYeti from launching their latest phishing campaign targeting Ukraine...

Cloudflare acquires BastionZero to extend Zero Trust access to IT infrastructure


AcquisitionsZero TrustSASESecurityCloudflare AccessProduct NewsCloudflare One

We’re excited to announce that BastionZero, a Zero Trust infrastructure access platform, has joined Cloudflare. This acquisition extends our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) flows with native access management for infrastructure like servers, Kubernetes clusters, and databases...

Expanding Regional Services configuration flexibility for customers


Data Localization

Today we're happy to announce expanded capabilities that will allow you to configure Regional Services for an increased set of defined regions to help you meet your specific requirements for being able to control where your traffic is handled...

AI Gateway is generally available: a unified interface for managing and scaling your generative AI workloads


Developer PlatformDevelopersOpen SourceWorkers AIAI GatewayAI

AI Gateway is an AI ops platform that provides speed, reliability, and observability for your AI applications. With a single line of code, you can unlock powerful features including rate limiting, custom caching, real-time logs, and aggregated analytics across multiple providers...

Reclaiming CPU for free with Go's Profile Guided Optimization



Golang 1.20 introduced support for Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) to the go compiler. This post covers the process we created for experimenting with PGO at Cloudflare, and measuring the CPU savings...

East African Internet connectivity again impacted by submarine cable cuts


Cloudflare RadarInternet TrafficOutage

On Sunday, May 12, issues with the EASSy and Seacom submarine cables again disrupted connectivity to East Africa, impacting a number of countries previously affected by a set of cable cuts that occurred nearly three months earlier...

Using Fortran on Cloudflare Workers


FortranDeveloper PlatformDevelopersCloudflare Workers

Work on LLVM has enabled Fortran to compile to WebAssembly. So, today, we’re writing about running Fortran code on Cloudflare Workers...

Q1 2024 Internet disruption summary


Cloudflare RadarInternet TrafficOutageInternet ShutdownInternet Quality

The first quarter of 2024 kicked off with quite a few Internet disruptions. Perhaps most interestingly, RPKI, DNS, and DNSSEC issues were among the technical problems that disrupted connectivity for subscribers across multiple network providers...

Lessons from building an automated SDK pipeline



During Developer Week 2024, we announced the revamped SDKs that are automatically generated using our OpenAPI schemas. Today, we’re taking a deeper look at how the pipeline works and share lessons we’ve learned along the way...

Meta Llama 3 available on Cloudflare Workers AI


LlamaDevelopersDeveloper PlatformWorkers AICloudflare WorkersProduct News

We are thrilled to give developers around the world the ability to build AI applications with Meta Llama 3 using Workers AI. We are proud to be a launch partner with Meta for their newest 8B Llama 3 model...

Cloudflare named in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge


Cloudflare OneZero TrustSecurity Service EdgeSSEGartner

Gartner has once again named Cloudflare to the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge (SSE) report...

How Cloudflare Cloud Email Security protects against the evolving threat of QR phishing


Cloud Email SecurityEmail SecurityEmailPhishing

Learn about how Cloudflare's Cloud Email Security tackles QR phishing, why attackers favor QR codes, and Cloudflare's proactive defense strategy against evolving threats...

DDoS threat report for 2024 Q1


DDoS ReportsMiraiCloudflare RadarDDoSAttacksDNS FloodTrends

2024 started with a bang. Cloudflare’s autonomous systems mitigated over 4.5 million DDoS attacks in the first quarter of the year — a 50% increase compared to the previous year. Read the full coverage...

Why I joined Cloudflare as Chief Partner Officer


Life at CloudflarePartners

Tom Evans is joining Cloudflare as our first ever Chief Partner Officer, continuing a great career in scaling channel partner programs in the tech sector. Read more about why he’s excited about his new role in this blog post...

An Internet traffic analysis during Iran's April 13, 2024, attack on Israel


Cloudflare RadarIsraelInternet TrafficTrends

On April 13, 2024, Iran launched a retaliatory attack on Israel. We examined its potential impact on Internet traffic and attacks. While there were some shifts in traffic, we haven't observed any large-scale cyberattacks on Israeli domains protected by Cloudflare....

Improving authoritative DNS with the official release of Foundation DNS


DNSFoundation DNSProduct News

We are launching Foundation DNS – our new enterprise-grade authoritative DNS offering. As our new enterprise authoritative DNS offering, Foundation DNS was designed to enhance the reliability, security, flexibility, and analytics of our authoritative DNS service...