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Uncovering the Hidden WebP vulnerability: a tale of a CVE with much bigger implications than it originally seemed

October 05, 2023 4:00PM

Vulnerabilities Chrome WebP Security Swift

Recently, Google announced a security issue in Google Chrome, titled "Heap buffer overflow in WebP in Google Chrome." Initially, it seemed like just another bug in the popular web browser. However, what we discovered was far more significant and had implications that extended well beyond Chrome...

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July 25, 2023 1:47AM

How Cloudflare is staying ahead of the AMD vulnerability known as “Zenbleed”

The Google Information Security Team revealed a new flaw in AMD's Zen 2 processors in a blog post today. The 'Zenbleed' flaw affects the entire Zen 2 product stack, from AMD's EPYC data center processors to the Ryzen 3000 CPUs, and can be exploited to steal sensitive data processed in the CPU,...