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Monitoring machine learning models for bot detection


We recently shared an introduction to Cloudflare’s approach to MLOps, which provides a holistic overview of model training and deployment processes at Cloudflare. In this post, we will dig deeper into monitoring, and how we continuously evaluate the models that power Bot Management...

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Monitoring machine learning models for bot detection

A look at Internet traffic trends during Super Bowl LVIII


Cloudflare RadarSuper BowlTrendsAdvertisingInternet Traffic

Super Bowl LVIII was a close game, with the Chiefs winning in overtime. In this post, we explore how key moments during the game impacted Internet traffic, as well as looking at the traffic trends driven by advertisements that aired during the game...

Cloudflare defeats patent troll Sable at trial



Last Thursday, on a clear, sunny morning in Waco, Texas, a jury returned a verdict after less than two hours of deliberation. The jury found that Cloudflare did not infringe the patent asserted against Cloudflare by patent trolls Sable IP and Sable Networks. ...

connect() - why are you so slow?


LinuxProtocolsPerformanceDeep DiveIPv4IPv6Network

This is our story of what we learned about the connect() implementation for TCP in Linux. Both its strong and weak points. How connect() latency changes under pressure, and how to open connection so that the syscall latency is deterministic and time-bound...

Thanksgiving 2023 security incident



On Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023, Cloudflare detected a threat actor on our self-hosted Atlassian server. Our security team immediately began an investigation, cut off the threat actor’s access, and no Cloudflare customer data or systems were impacted by this event...

LangChain Support for Workers AI, Vectorize and D1


LangChainCloudflare WorkersAID1Developer PlatformDevelopers

During Developer Week, we announced LangChain support for Cloudflare Workers. Since then, we’ve been working with the LangChain team on deeper integration of many tools across Cloudflare’s developer platform and are excited to share what we’ve been up to...

Cyber attacks targeting Jewish and Holocaust educational websites surge by 872% in 2023


HolocaustDDoSProject Galileo

In 2023, Cloudflare mitigated 35.7 million malicious requests that targeted Jewish and Holocaust educational websites. Today more than ever, it’s important to ensure these websites are protected and available...

Introducing Foundations - our open source Rust service foundation library


Open SourceRustObservabilitySecurityOxyDevelopersDeveloper Platform

Foundations is a foundational Rust library, designed to help scale programs for distributed, production-grade systems...

An overview of Cloudflare's logging pipeline



In this post, we’re going to go over what that looks like, how we achieve high availability, and how we meet our Service Level Objectives (SLOs) while shipping close to a million log lines per second...

Privacy Pass: upgrading to the latest protocol version


ResearchPrivacy PassFirefoxChromePrivacy

In this post, we explore the latest changes to Privacy Pass protocol. We are also excited to introduce a public implementation of the latest IETF draft of the Privacy Pass protocol — including a set of open-source templates that can be used to implement Privacy Pass Origins, Issuers, and Attesters...

Have your data and hide it too: an introduction to differential privacy



Providing software and web services that deliver value for users often requires measuring user behavior. In this blog we discuss emerging cryptographic and statistical techniques that enable collecting such measurements without violating user privacy...

Using DNS to estimate the worldwide state of IPv6 adoption


Cloudflare RadarIPv6DNS

In the last decade, IPv6 adoption on the client side went from under 1% to somewhere in the high 30 to low 40 percent, depending on who’s reporting, but there’s also the other end of the equation: the server side...

A look inside the Cloudflare ML Ops platform


AIDataDevelopersMachine LearningMLopsHardware

To help our team continue to innovate efficiently, our MLOps effort has collaborated with Cloudflare’s data scientists to implement the following best practices...

How we used OpenBMC to support AI inference on GPUs around the world


AIWorkers AIDeveloper PlatformDeep Dive

This is what Cloudflare has been able to do so far with OpenBMC with respect to our GPU-equipped servers...

Cloudflare Gen 12 Server: bigger, better, cooler in a 2U1N form factor


AMDHardwareCloudflare Network

Cloudflare Gen 12 Compute servers are moving to 2U1N form factor to optimize the thermal design to accommodate both high-power CPUs (>350W) and GPUs effectively while maintaining performance and reliability...

Better debugging for Cloudflare Workers, now with breakpoints


Cloudflare WorkersDevelopers

We provide many tools to help you debug Cloudflare Workers; from your local environment all the way into production. In this post, we highlight some of the tools we currently offer, and do a deep dive into one specific area - breakpoint debugging - a tool we recently added into our workerd runtime...

Workers AI Update: Stable Diffusion, Code Llama + Workers AI in 100 cities


Workers AICloudflare Workers

We're thrilled to announce that Stable Diffusion and Code Llama are now available as part of Workers AI, running in over 100 cities across Cloudflare’s global network....

How to execute an object file: part 4, AArch64 edition


LinuxProgrammingDeep Dive

The initial posts are dedicated to the x86 architecture. Since then, the fleet of our working machines has expanded to include a large and growing number of ARM CPUs. This time we’ll repeat this exercise for the aarch64 architecture....

Streaming and longer context lengths for LLMs on Workers AI


Workers AICloudflare WorkersDeveloper PlatformJavaScriptServerless1.1.1.1

Workers AI now supports streaming text responses for the LLM models in our catalog, including Llama-2, using server-sent events...

Post mortem on the Cloudflare Control Plane and Analytics Outage


OutagePost Mortem

Beginning on Thursday, November 2, 2023, at 11:43 UTC Cloudflare's control plane and analytics services experienced an outage. Here are the details...