Google PageSpeed Service customers: migrate to CloudFlare for acceleration

Published on by John Roberts.

This week, Google announced that its hosted PageSpeed Service will be shut down. Everyone using the hosted service needs to move their site elsewhere before August 3 2015 to avoid breaking their website. We're inviting these hosted customers: don't wait...migrate your site to CloudFlare for global acceleration (and more)

CloudFlare is now a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

Published on by Maria Karaivanova.

We’re excited to announce that CloudFlare has just been named a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner. So what does this mean? Now, Google Cloud Platform customers can experience the best of both worlds—the power and protection of the CloudFlare community along with the flexibility and scalability of Google’

Google Now Factoring HTTPS Support Into Ranking; CloudFlare On Track to Make it Free and Easy

Published on by Matthew Prince.

As of today, there are only about 2 million websites that support HTTPS. That's a shamefully low number. Two things are about to happen that we at CloudFlare are hopeful will begin to change that and make everyone love locks (at least on the web!). CC BY 2.