NANOG - the art of running a network and discussing common operational issues

Published on by Martin J Levy.

The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) is the loci of modern Internet innovation and the day-to-day cumulative network-operational knowledge of thousands and thousands of network engineers. NANOG itself is a non-profit membership organization; but you don’t need to be a member in order to attend the conference or

Amsterdam to Zhuzhou: Cloudflare network expands to 100 cities

Published on by Nitin Rao.

We’re excited to kick off Cloudflare’s sixth birthday celebrations by announcing data center locations in 14 new cities across 5 continents. This expansion makes our global network one of the largest in the world, spanning 100 unique cities across 49 countries. Every new Cloudflare data center improves the

Think Global, Peer Local. Peer with CloudFlare at 100 Internet Exchange Points

Published on by Marty Strong.

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) or Network Access Points (NAPs) facilities are where networks meet, participating in what's known as peering, which interconnects various parts of the global Internet. At CloudFlare we are dedicated to peering. So much so that we just joined our 100th Internet Exchange point! Image courtesy of