Buongiorno, Milano! CloudFlare’s 26th Data Center Now Live

Published on by Joshua Motta.

Team Italy exiting the data center after racking and cabling our servers (in style) Italy is known for many great things. First and foremost, the Azzurri—2006 World Cup champions and (as of yesterday) dashers of England's world cup hopes—but also the Colosseum, the fountains

CloudFlare's 25th data center turns up to ease collective disappointment of Spanish fútbol fans

Published on by Joshua Motta.

After a drubbing earlier today of La Roja by The Flying Dutchmen, we felt obliged to deliver at least one piece of good news to the 34 million fútbol-loving Internet users in Spain: CloudFlare's 25th data center in Madrid, Spain. "We figured the only thing

Today's Network Issue

Published on by Matthew Prince.

Today at 16:13 UTC a large amount of traffic began hitting our Los Angeles data center. We have an in-house team that monitors our network 24x7x365 and immediately all their alarms went off. We initially thought it was a very large attack. In fact, it was something much trickier