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Tagged "spdy"

January 18, 2018 3:58PM

Deprecating SPDY

SSL Product News spdy HTTP2 Security Speed & Reliability

Participating in the Internet democracy occasionally means that technologies that were once popular lose their utility as newer technologies emerge. SPDY is one such technology. As a result, we're announcing our intention to deprecate the use of SPDY for connections made to Cloudflare's edge....

December 10, 2015 12:10PM

HTTP/2 For Web Developers

HTTP2 spdy Speed & Reliability Optimization

HTTP/2 changes the way web developers optimize their websites. In HTTP/1.1, it’s become common practice to eek out an extra 5% of page load speed by hacking away at your TCP connections and HTTP requests with techniques like spriting, inlining, domain sharding, and concatenation....