Introducing Accelerated Mobile Links: Making the Mobile Web App-Quick

Published on by Matthew Prince.

In 2017, we've predicted that more than half of the traffic to Cloudflare's network will come from mobile devices. Even if they are formatted to be displayed on a small screen, the mobile web is built on traditional web protocols and technologies that were designed for desktop CPUs, network connections,

iOS Developers — Migrate to iOS 9 with CloudFlare

Published on by Nick Sullivan.

Thousands of developers use CloudFlare to accelerate and secure the backend of their mobile applications and websites. This week is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where thousands of Apple developers come to San Francisco to talk, learn and share best practices for developing software for Apple platforms. New announcements

Optimizing Your Linux Stack for Maximum Mobile Web Performance

Published on by Matthew Prince.

The following is a technical post written by Ian Applegate (@AppealingTea), a member of our Systems Engineering team, on how to optimize the Linux TCP stack for mobile connections. The article was originally published as part of the 2012 Web Performance Calendar. At CloudFlare, we spend a significant amount of