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Posts by Vlad Krasnov

On the dangers of Intel's frequency scaling

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

While I was writing the post comparing the new Qualcomm server chip, Centriq, to our current stock of Intel Skylake-based Xeons, I noticed a disturbing phenomena. When benchmarking OpenSSL 1.1.1dev, I discovered that the performance of the cipher ChaCha20-Poly1305 does not scale very well. On a single thread,

ARM Takes Wing: Qualcomm vs. Intel CPU comparison

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

One of the nicer perks I have here at Cloudflare is access to the latest hardware, long before it even reaches the market. Until recently I mostly played with Intel hardware. For example Intel supplied us with an engineering sample of their Skylake based Purley platform back in August 2016,