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Posts by Vlad Krasnov

How "expensive" is crypto anyway?

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the title of this post attracts some Bitcoin aficionados, but if you are such, I want to disappoint you. For me crypto means cryptography, not cybermoney, and the price we pay for it is measured in CPU cycles, not USD. If you got to

On the dangers of Intel's frequency scaling

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

While I was writing the post comparing the new Qualcomm server chip, Centriq, to our current stock of Intel Skylake-based Xeons, I noticed a disturbing phenomena. When benchmarking OpenSSL 1.1.1dev, I discovered that the performance of the cipher ChaCha20-Poly1305 does not scale very well. On a single thread,

ARM Takes Wing: Qualcomm vs. Intel CPU comparison

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

One of the nicer perks I have here at Cloudflare is access to the latest hardware, long before it even reaches the market. Until recently I mostly played with Intel hardware. For example Intel supplied us with an engineering sample of their Skylake based Purley platform back in August 2016,

AES-CBC is going the way of the dodo

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

A little over a year ago, Nick Sullivan talked about the beginning of the end for AES-CBC cipher suites, following a plethora of attacks on this cipher mode. Today we can safely confirm that this prediction is coming true, as for the first time ever the share of AES-CBC cipher