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Tagged "Optimization"

September 10, 2017 5:04PM

Delivering Dot

Product News DNS Anycast Reliability Speed & Reliability Optimization

Since March 30, 2017, Cloudflare has been providing DNS Anycast service as additional F-Root instances under contract with ISC (the F-Root operator). F-Root is a single IPv4 address plus a single IPv6 address which both ISC and Cloudflare announce to the global Internet as a shared Anycast. This document reviews how F-Root has performed since that date in March 2017. The DNS root servers are an important utility provided to all clients on the Internet for free - all F root instances including those hosted on the Cloudflare network are a free service provided by both ISC and Cloudflare for public benefit. Because every online request begins with a DNS lookup, and every DNS lookup requires the retrieval of information stored on the DNS root servers, the DNS root servers plays an invaluable role to the functioning of the internet. At Cloudflare, we were...

December 10, 2015 12:10PM

HTTP/2 For Web Developers

HTTP2 spdy Speed & Reliability Optimization

HTTP/2 changes the way web developers optimize their websites. In HTTP/1.1, it’s become common practice to eek out an extra 5% of page load speed by hacking away at your TCP connections and HTTP requests with techniques like spriting, inlining, domain sharding, and concatenation....