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Introducing SPDY


TLSRocket LoaderspdyHTTPSSecurity

In 2009, Google began work on a new network protocol to make web pages faster. Dubbed SPDY (pronounced "speedy"), the protocol is designed to solve many of the bottlenecks that slow HTTP down. Beginning today, we're rolling out a beta of SPDY to CloudFlare customers. ...

Today's Outage Post Mortem


Post MortemBGPOutageHong Kong

CloudFlare had an outage across much of our network today. The outage began at 20:19 (GMT). It affected approximately 75% of traffic to CloudFlare's network. The length of time for the outage varied depending on region, but the maximum period of downtime was approximately 15 minutes. ...

CloudFlare —WebOps for everyone



No matter whether you run a personal blog or the IT operation of a corporate enterprise, you have discovered that in addition to running a web site, and updating its content or application, a web site comes with difficult operational challenges....