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End of the road for RC4

Published on by John Graham-Cumming.

Today, we completely disabled the RC4 encryption algorithm for all SSL/TLS connections to CloudFlare sites. It's no longer possible to connect to any site that uses CloudFlare using RC4. Over a year ago, we disabled RC4 for connections for TLS 1.1 and above because there were more secure

Killing RC4: The Long Goodbye

Published on by Nick Sullivan.

At CloudFlare we spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to keep our customers’ data safe. Despite recent troubles, HTTPS is still the best way to deliver encrypted content for the web. As the threat landscape changes we try to keep up with best practices with

Killing RC4 (softly)

Published on by Piotr Sikora.

Back in 2011, the BEAST attack on the cipher block chaining (CBC) encryption mode used in TLS v1.0 was demonstrated. At the time the advice of experts (including our own) was to prioritize the use of RC4-based cipher suites. The BEAST vulnerability itself had already been fixed in TLS