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Nick Sullivan

Nick Sullivan

San Francisco

Nick Sullivan is Head of Research (and Cryptography) at Cloudflare. He is passionate about improving security and privacy online through cutting-edge research and the development of open standards.

October 10, 2021 4:36PM

Cloudflare Research:两年回顾

Research (CN)

Cloudflare 的使命反映我们的抱负:帮助建设更好的互联网。实现这个使命需要多管齐下的方法,包括持续的产品创新,战略决策,并大胆挑战有关互联网结构和潜力的既有假设。Cloudflare Research 于两年前创立,旨在探索利用基础和应用计算机科学研究来帮助改变竞争环境的机会。...