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CloudFlare Crypto Meetup: April 21, 2016

Published on by Nick Sullivan.

CloudFlare Crypto Meetup Teaser. Now back in HD: the CloudFlare Cryptography Meetup series. A while back, CloudFlare hosted a pair of Meetups focused on encryption and cryptographic technology. Now that CloudFlare HQ has moved into our beautiful new home at 101 Townsend in San Francisco, we’ve decided to bring

Introducing CFSSL 1.2

Published on by Nick Sullivan.

Continuing our commitment to high quality open-source software, we’re happy to announce release 1.2 of CFSSL, our TLS/PKI Swiss Army knife. We haven’t written much about CFSSL here since we originally open sourced the project in 2014, so we thought we’d provide an update. In

Padding oracles and the decline of CBC-mode cipher suites

Published on by Nick Sullivan.

At CloudFlare, we’re committed to making sure the encrypted web is available to everyone, even those with older browsers. At the same time, we want to make sure that as many people as possible are using the most modern and secure encryption available to them. Improving the cryptography used