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Perfect locality and three epic SystemTap scripts

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In a recent blog post we discussed epoll behavior causing uneven load among NGINX worker processes. We suggested a work around - the REUSEPORT socket option. It changes the queuing from "combined queue model" aka Waitrose (formally: M/M/s), to a dedicated accept queue per worker aka "the Tesco

Why does one NGINX worker take all the load?

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Scaling up TCP servers is usually straightforward. Most deployments start by using a single process setup. When the need arises more worker processes are added. This is a scalability model for many applications, including HTTP servers like Apache, NGINX or Lighttpd. CC BY-SA 2.0 image by Paul Townsend Increasing

TLD glue sticks around too long

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Recent headline grabbing DDoS attacks provoked heated debates in the DNS community. Everyone has strong opinions on how to harden DNS to avoid downtime in the future. Is it better to use a single DNS provider or multiple? What DNS TTL values are best? Does DNSSEC make you more or