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Unser neuer 31er Data Center: Düsseldorf


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Hallo Düsseldorf. Nestled in the center of the Lower Rhine basin lies the bustling city of Düsseldorf, capital of Germany’s most populous state, Northern Rhine-Westphalia. Provided its status as an international business and telecommunications hub, and serving a population larger than the Netherlands, our data center in Düsseldorf is an important addition to our European network. This means not only better performance in Germany and Northern Europe, but additional redundancy for our 10 other data centers throughout Europe, including our first German data center in Frankfurt.

For the local audience: Liebe Freunde in Düsseldorf, euer Internetanschluss ist schneller geworden und ihr könnt jetzt sicher surfen. Viel Spaß.

Not just any data center

Dusseldorf comes to life.

Our Düsseldorf data center holds a special place in the heart of our legal counsel Ken Carter. When he’s not helping to build a better Internet, he is likely to be found regaling the office with tales of his adventures in the quaint medieval town of Bad Honnef am Rhein, just south of our new data center. Ban Honnef, most famously known as the world-wide headquarters for Birkenstock, can now add one more tale of note. Equidistant between Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, it is now one of the best served cities by CloudFlare in Germany.


Dusseldorf is the first in a wave of new CloudFlare data centers yet to come this year. At this very moment we have infrastructure present in, or in flight to, over 10 new sites. If you can guess one of the next three (in the comments below), we'll send you some free CloudFlare gear.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ihr CloudFlare

Photo source: Sergey Sokolov; image used under creative commons license.

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