DNS parser, meet Go fuzzer

Published on by Filippo Valsorda.

Here at CloudFlare we are heavy users of the github.com/miekg/dns Go DNS library and we make sure to contribute to its development as much as possible. Therefore when Dmitry Vyukov published go-fuzz and started to uncover tens of bugs in the Go standard library, our task was

Announcing Virtual DNS: DDoS Mitigation and Global Distribution for DNS Traffic

Published on by Dani Grant.

It’s 9am and CloudFlare has already mitigated three billion malicious requests for our customers today. Six out of every one hundred requests we see are malicious, and increasingly, more of those bad requests are targeting DNS nameservers. DNS is the phone book of the Internet and fundamental to the

Deprecating the DNS ANY meta-query type

Published on by Marek Majkowski.

DNS, one of the oldest technologies running the Internet, keeps evolving. There is a constant stream of new developments, from DNSSEC, through DNS-over-TLS, to a plentiful supply of fresh EDNS extensions. CC BY-ND 2.0 image by Antarctica Bound New DNS Resource Records types are being added all the time.

Updating the DNS Registration Model to Keep Pace with Today’s Internet.

Published on by Olafur Gudmundsson.

CloudFlare is, arguably, the largest third-party DNS Authoritative operator in the world. We manage well over 1 million domains and have registrations in almost every TLD open for registrations. Our role as a DNS operator is to maintain customer information and publish their records in the global DNS. In this