iOS Developers — Migrate to iOS 9 with CloudFlare

Published on by Nick Sullivan.

Thousands of developers use CloudFlare to accelerate and secure the backend of their mobile applications and websites. This week is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where thousands of Apple developers come to San Francisco to talk, learn and share best practices for developing software for Apple platforms. New announcements

Integrating our Integrations: Getting WHMCS and cPanel Talking

Published on by David Fritsch.

CloudFlare provides integrations for several of the most popular hosting control panels and billing systems such as WHMCS, cPanel, and Plesk. Each of these integrations provide a simple interface for our partners’ customers to sign-up for CloudFlare and start adding domains almost immediately. But what about partners that use more

Using the CloudFlare API to pull visitor IPs

Published on by Damon Billian.

Note: This API feature no longer works. Please contact support if you have a question about current functions available via the CloudFlare API. Many of our customers love CloudFlare's statistics report because the information available differs from other services providing analytics. One frequent request is that customers would

Using the CloudFlare API to report spam on your site back to CloudFlare

Published on by Damon Billian.

CloudFlare loves threat data. CloudFlare's sytem continually gets smarter through a variety of ways, including through user-reported data. So for example, users can add IP and IP ranges to their Block List. This information is fed back to the CloudFlare system benefiting the entire community. Recently, we also