CloudFlare’s Newest App Partner: Verelo

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

Verelo is a website monitoring service that provides sub-minute checks, downtime alerts by SMS, phone or email, and malware detection. A group of CloudFlare customers have recently been testing Velero during a silent launch, testing our latest app integration. Deployment has been very successful and with over 100 CloudFlare customers

App: Panopta Provides Advanced Server Monitoring and Outage Management Services

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

CloudFlare customers have websites of all sizes, so we're pleased to introduced a new advanced server monitoring and outage management service from Panopta as a CloudFlare App. Appealing to both enterprises and SMBs, Panopta will be the first to tell you if your infrastructure is down and provide

App #15 - GlobalSign HackAlert Malware Detection

Published on by John Roberts.

Cloud-based detection Your website security comes in many layers, against many threats. But how do you know if your site has a problem? Once you know, how do you solve the problem, to protect your customers and your reputation? Today's CloudFlare App answers those questions. GlobalSign HackAlert is