CloudFlare’s Newest App Partner: Verelo

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

Verelo is a website monitoring service that provides sub-minute checks, downtime alerts by SMS, phone or email, and malware detection. A group of CloudFlare customers have recently been testing Velero during a silent launch, testing our latest app integration. Deployment has been very successful and with over 100 CloudFlare customers

App a Day #9 - Monitis for Server Monitoring

Published on by John Roberts.

Server Monitoring Our first new CloudFlare App this week is Monitis, a server monitoring solution. Monitis allows you to monitor websites, of course. But Monitis's cloud-based, all-in-one monitoring service recognizes that the internet is far more than the web alone. With Monitis, you can use monitor server CPU,

App a Day #5 - Pingdom free account

Published on by John Roberts.

Be The First To Know If Your Website Goes Down You use CloudFlare because you want high performance, reliability, and security. Website owners deserve nothing less. Because we believe in transparency, we provide insight into our system status. Still, it's important to have third-party verification, so we encourage