Cloudflare Traffic Manager: The Details

Published on by Matt Silverlock.

Cloudflare's investment into building a large global network protects our customers from DDoS attacks, secures them with our Web Application Firewall and Universal SSL, as well as improving performance through our CDN and the many network-level optimizations we're constantly iterating on. Building on these products, we just introduced Cloudflare Traffic.

Control your traffic at the edge with Cloudflare

Published on by John Roberts.

Today, we're introducing two new Cloudflare Traffic products to give customers control over how Cloudflare’s edge network handles their traffic, allowing them to shape and direct it for their specific needs. More than 10 trillion requests flow through Cloudflare every month. More than 4 million customers and 10% of

ReplayLastGoal and CloudFlare: Fanning World Cup Flames

Published on by Andrew A. Schafer.

The World Cup is, at once, exhilarating and agonizing, and not just for those lucky souls in Rio or Manaus, folks working from home, or anyone else sitting happily in front of a TV. I’m talking about the quiet victories and silent pains loyal fans everywhere experience week