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Posts by Andrew A. Schafer

Migrating to the Ghost Blogging Platform

Published on by Andrew A. Schafer.

For those of you that follow the CloudFlare blog, you’ll know that we try to be prolific. We have industry leaders like Matthew Prince, John Graham-Cumming, Nick Sullivan, and others publishing pieces weekly from the front lines of internet performance and security. We’re also big fans of open

DIY Web Server: Raspberry Pi + CloudFlare

Published on by Andrew A. Schafer.

The Raspberry Pi was created with a simple mission in mind: change the way people interact with computers. This inexpensive, credit card-sized machine is encouraging people, especially kids, to start playing with computers, not on them. When the first computers came out, basic programming skills were necessary. This was the

Q&A with Ryan Lackey

Published on by Andrew A. Schafer.

Lackey being hoisted onto Sealand in the North Sea circa 2000 How did you get into computer security? I started using the Internet when I was young—in the early 1990s, before I was a teenager. I was drawn to security for two main reasons: First, I was interested