Edge Cache Expire TTL: Easiest way to override any existing headers

Published on by Michelle Zatlyn.

CloudFlare makes caching easy. Our service automatically determines what files to cache based on file extensions. Performance benefits kick in automatically. For customers that want advanced caching, beyond the defaults, we have Cache Everything available as Page Rules. Designate a URL and CloudFlare will cache everything, including HTML, out at

Always Online v.2

Published on by Matthew Prince.

The video on CloudFlare's home page promises that we will keep your web page online "even if your server goes down." It's a feature we dubbed "Always Online" and, when it works, it's magical. The problem is, Always Online doesn&

Introducing: Single File Cache Purge

Published on by Matthew Prince.

CloudFlare has supported a way to purge your cache for the last year. Unfortunately, it was all or nothing. While that, for practical purposes, didn't cause a significant performance hit for most websites, since the cache would be rebuilt with the most popular files automatically and quickly, it