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Posts by Michelle Zatlyn

Announcing CloudFlare’s Internet Summit - And How to Get an Invitation

Published on by Michelle Zatlyn.

Five years ago next week, CloudFlare launched its service to the public. We’re celebrating our birthday in a variety of ways, including holding our first-ever Internet Summit on Thursday, September 24th. As part of the Internet Summit, we’re bringing together policymakers, business executives, cybersecurity experts, and academics from

Page Rules Reordering Now Available

Published on by Michelle Zatlyn.

Page Rules are powerful tools for controlling how CloudFlare works on your site on a page-by-page basis. Customers customize CloudFlare with Page Rules based on their specific needs, including changing or extending caching, forwarding URLs, or disabling certain features for specific pages or directories. Today, we're making managing

Edge Cache Expire TTL: Easiest way to override any existing headers

Published on by Michelle Zatlyn.

CloudFlare makes caching easy. Our service automatically determines what files to cache based on file extensions. Performance benefits kick in automatically. For customers that want advanced caching, beyond the defaults, we have Cache Everything available as Page Rules. Designate a URL and CloudFlare will cache everything, including HTML, out at