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Michelle Zatlyn

Michelle Zatlyn

September 23, 2018 12:00PM


简体中文 安全性 速度和可靠性 我们的历史 产品新闻 生日周 International

我一直很喜欢生日。这是一个与所爱的人相聚的机会,一个享受快乐的机会,一个反思你在未来一年想要继续做或改变的事情的机会。在Cloudflare,我们也享受着我们的生日庆典。 本周,Cloudflare迎来了8岁生日。Matthew, Lee, Matthieu, Ian, Sri, Chris, Damon和我登上Techcrunch Disrupt的讲台,向全世界发布Cloudflare的日子仿佛还在昨天。从那时起,我们每年都要通过给顾客和互联网送礼物来庆祝生日。今年,我们计划用我们的新产品来庆祝生日周的每一天。也就是说,这是一个为期一周的生日庆典!...

September 23, 2018 12:00PM

Cloudflare wird acht – und hier sagen wir Ihnen, was wir mit einem „besseren Internet“ meinen

Geburtstagswoche Produkt-Neuigkeiten Unsere Geschichte Speed & Reliability Sicherheit International Deutsche

Ich liebe Geburtstage. Sie sind eine Gelegenheit, sich mit denen zu treffen, die man liebt, eine Gelegenheit, sich zu amüsieren, und eine Gelegenheit, über das nachzudenken, was man im kommenden Jahr weiter wie bisher machen und was man ändern möchte....

May 26, 2011 5:34PM

Top Tips for new CloudFlare Users

Tips Onboarding

CloudFlare is a service that has powerful underlying technology. We run 10 (with more coming) data centers around the world and do DNS, caching, bot filtering and more for all of our users. Despite all of this technology, our goal is to make the service simple for our users to use....

April 01, 2011 4:31PM

April's Fools Day

Fun Life @ Cloudflare

It is a beautiful morning in San Francisco and the office was full of April Fool's jokes. The creativity was spearheaded by Matthieu, who recruited Matthew and Jason to help him execute several ideas. The pranks included wrapping Lee's desk in parcel paper, packaging Ian's desk in bubble wrap, controlling Sri's computer remotely with a foot and making my desk look like it just stepped into a flurry of sticky notes. It was a fun way to start everyone's day. Thanks Matthieu! And then, after all the fun died down, it was Matthieu's turn to be pranked. Jason did a switch-and-bait on his keyboard that made it difficult to type in French. Jason removed the windows key that Matthieu uses to make accents when writing in French. Quel plaisir! The stakes have been raised for next year. The planning is already underway....