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How We Extended CloudFlare's Performance and Security Into Mainland China

Published on by Matthew Prince.

CloudFlare launched five years ago. Within a year of our launch, the biggest surprise was the strong global demand for our service. From nearly the beginning, China was the second largest source of traffic by country to our network, behind only the United States. In retrospect, that shouldn't have been

CloudFlare's New Dashboard

Published on by Matthew Prince.

When we started CloudFlare, we thought we were building a service to make websites faster and more secure, and we wanted to make the service as easy and accessible as possible. As a result, we built the CloudFlare interface to put basic functions front and center and designed it to

Thoughts on Network Neutrality, the FCC, and the Future of Internet Governance

Published on by Matthew Prince.

Today the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to extend the rules that previously regulated the telephone industry to now regulate Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The Commission did this in order to preserve the principle of network neutrality. Broadly stated, this principle is that networks should not discriminate against