It's no secret that CloudFlare has adopted Go for some production systems; we've written about our use of Go in the past. But over time it's become clear to us that Go is an important language for the sort of high-performance, highly-concurrent software we have to write. And the Go package library contains pretty much everything we need to write small, fast programs (and write them quickly).

Do you want to work with Go?

So, Go has become an important part of CloudFlare Engineering.

And because of that we are actively hiring for people who know Go or want to learn it. We'll soon be open sourcing some of our Go programs and want to find more people to work on our Go code base.

We're currently using Go for PKI tools, our Railgun web optimizer, a new high-performance DNS server and a curl-like tool for SPDY. And we've hosted the GoSF meetup in the past.

So, if you're interested in writing Go code, contributing to Golang itself and having your code go into production against billions of page views per day, get in touch.