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How Picsart leverages Cloudflare's Developer Platform to build globally performant services

April 03, 2024 1:00 PM

Guest PostDeveloper WeekDevelopersDeveloper PlatformCloudflare Workers KVCloudflare WorkersConnectivity Cloud

Picsart, one of the world’s largest digital creation platforms, encountered performance challenges in catering to its global audience. Adopting Cloudflare's global-by-default Developer Platform emerged as the optimal solution, empowering Picsart to enhance performance and scalability substantially...

Leveling up Workers AI: general availability and more new capabilities

April 02, 2024 1:01 PM

Developer WeekDevelopersWorkers AIGeneral AvailabilityDeveloper PlatformCloudflare Workers

Today, we’re excited to make a series of announcements, including Workers AI, Cloudflare’s inference platform becoming GA and support for fine-tuned models with LoRAs and one-click deploys from HuggingFace. Cloudflare Workers now supports the Python programming language, and more...