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January 15, 2018 1:49PM

SYN packet handling in the wild

SYN TCP Programming

Here at Cloudflare, we have a lot of experience of operating servers on the wild Internet. But we are always improving our mastery of this black art. On this very blog we have touched on multiple dark corners of the Internet protocols: like understanding FIN-WAIT-2 or receive buffer tuning....

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May 11, 2015 11:08AM

CloudFlare "Interview Questions"

For quite some time we've been grilling our candidates about dirty corners of TCP/IP stack. Every engineer here must prove his/her comprehensive understanding of the full network stack. For example: what are the differences in checksumming algorithms between IPv4 and IPv6 stacks?...

June 25, 2012 8:14AM

What makes SPDY speedy?

Google has proposed a new protocol for downloading web pages called SPDY and CloudFlare will shortly be making it available in beta form. SPDY is designed to make web browsing faster without replacing HTTP....

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