Thoughts on Abuse

Published on by Matthew Prince.

One of the behind the scenes topics we think about a lot at CloudFlare is how to handle abuse of our network. I realized that we hadn't exposed our thoughts on this clearly enough. In the next few days, we'll be making some minor updates to

CloudFlare & OpenDNS Work Together to Help the Web

Published on by Matthew Prince.

Several years ago, some suspected cyber criminals on the Internet wrote a family of malware dubbed DNSChanger. About a year ago, law enforcement tracked down the suspected cyber criminals behind this malware, arrested them, and took over the servers they were using to redirect customers to rogue sites. As a

App #15 - GlobalSign HackAlert Malware Detection

Published on by John Roberts.

Cloud-based detection Your website security comes in many layers, against many threats. But how do you know if your site has a problem? Once you know, how do you solve the problem, to protect your customers and your reputation? Today's CloudFlare App answers those questions. GlobalSign HackAlert is