App #15 - GlobalSign HackAlert Malware Detection

Cloud-based detection

Your website security comes in many layers, against many threats. But how do you know if your site has a problem? Once you know, how do you solve the problem, to protect your customers and your reputation? Today's CloudFlare App answers those questions.

GlobalSign HackAlert is a website malware detection and monitoring solution that immediately emails you if your website is infected. The service scans your site, checking the content for signs of compromise. If found, you get instant notification with steps to resolution. This detection -- and details about how to fix the problem -- helps you avoid scary browser or search engine warnings to your site's visitors, beyond the possibility of infecting your customers with a drive-by download.

Yes, That's All You Have To Do

App #15 - GlobalSign HackAlert Malware Detection

One elegant benefit of GlobalSign HackAlert is zero configuration required. Sign up for the service via CloudFlare Apps, and the monitoring kicks in. It's automatic, with no extra dashboard required. Silently scanning your site, GlobalSign HackAlert doesn't trouble you unless there's a problem.
Then, the service immediately emails you with notification of the discovered malware, including clear snippets of the infected code to make identification and removal a simple matter.

With relevance and simplicity, GlobalSign HackAlert makes sure your protection isn't noisy, just effective. Try the HackAlert Basic Plan today, covering up to 100 pages of your site for just $5/month/site, and rest assured.