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Welcome, Luxembourg City and Chișinău! Cloudflare Global Network Spans 151 Cities


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Hot off the presses! Cloudflare just completed provisioning our Luxembourg City and Chișinău data centers, expanding our Europe network to 41 cities, and our global network to 151 cities across 74 countries. In the coming days, we'll ramp up traffic from across millions of websites using Cloudflare, and get routes optimized across all networks. Cloudflare is a participant at the Chișinău Internet Exchange (KIVIX), Luxembourg Commercial Internet eXchange (LU-CIX), and Moldova Internet Exchange (MD-IX), amongst ~180 other interconnection points.

This has been an exciting month, with 31 cities added just in March, for an average of one per day! Collectively, they provide additional resilience and performance across countries spanning a population of over one billion people. To recap, here's the list of our newest data centers: Beirut, Phnom Penh, Kathmandu, Istanbul, Reykjavík, Riyadh, Macau, Baghdad, Houston, Indianapolis, Montgomery, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Durban, Port Louis, Cebu City, Edinburgh, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Jacksonville, Memphis, Tallahassee, Bogotá, Luxembourg and Chișinău!

We are very excited to surpass a milestone of 150 cities, or our sixth cohort of twenty-five cities. If the first five cohorts took 45 months, 15 months, 16 months, 8 months and 18 months, the most recent cohort was completed in 24 days.

What goes into turning up a new data center?

As we evaluate new cities, our search begins by identifying cities (or ISPs) where we deliver a significant amount of traffic and/or can improve performance for a significant number of Internet users. Then, we assess the facilities we deploy at to ensure they can comply with a high standard for their information security practices, data center resilience and diversity of interconnection.

Our logistics team works to compile hardware from our the latest generation (which continues to evolve!) and manages the intricacies of shipping, often to a completely new city or country. Infrastructure Engineers work with our local partners to complete the physical install of hardware. Finally, entirely remotely, our engineering team provisions servers into service, while giving us the live analytics we need to ensure the integrity of our hardware, and supporting smooth operations. When a new city goes live, we often see a "bump up" in traffic as reduced latency facilitates increased page views and interconnection. From there on, our deployment grows, through the confluence of new customers signing up, new products being adopted, and increasingly, customers running their code at our edge - and we continue to invest in upgrades across our network.

Our aspiration for 2018 is for 95% of the world's Internet users to live in a country with a Cloudflare data center. (On a lighter note, I can't wait for us to turn up an upcoming data center beginning with the letter 'U', so that we can span every letter of the alphabet. See you soon, Mongolia!).

None of our deployments would be possible without the support of our many partners, team members and customers, who bring all of us closer to the promise of a better Internet.

The Cloudflare Global Anycast Network

This map reflects the network as of the publish date of this blog post. For the most up to date directory of locations please refer to our Network Map on the Cloudflare site.

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