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2,600 meters closer to the stars: Cloudflare Data Center #149 in Bogotá, Colombia


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At 2625 meters (8612 feet) above sea level, Bogotá (Colombia) is one of the four highest capital cities in the world. Now, it is also home to Cloudflare's 149th data center.

This is the 29th city to be added just in March, and joins our existing Colombia datacenter in Medellín, launched four years ago.

31955015420_6968b0be92_kCC BY-SA 2.0 image by nigel_sb

Bogotá is the third largest city in South America after São Paulo (Brazil) and Lima (Peru). Bogotanos affectionately known as Rolos are proud of their city with its rich cultural heritage, and its modern transportation systems (Ciclovias, Transmilenio) despite the heavy traffic. Whether you are visiting the world famous gold museum or savoring the mouthwatering Ajiaco soup, Bogotá has something for everyone, and visitors are always warmly received by the locals.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-29-at-2.19.09-PMCC BY-SA 2.0 image by krossbow

Bogotá is our 11th deployment in the Latin America and Caribbean Region, and is located at a Tier III facility in the Bogota Free Trade Zone specially developed to attract ICT Investments. We'll continue our expansions in the Latin America and Caribbean region (and around the world!).

Come meet the Cloudflare team at the LACNIC29 Meeting in end April in Panama.

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