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Welcome to Birthday Week 2019


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September has always been a special month for Cloudflare. Nine years ago — on September 27th — we launched Cloudflare. And, each year since, we’ve celebrated our birthday with a week full of new products and innovations that support our mission of helping to build a better Internet.

Our mission guides everything we do. One of the most intentional words in our mission is ‘helping’. Building an Internet that can meet the world’s needs cannot be done by any one company or individual; rather, it takes a global community — from nonprofit organizations and businesses to governments and individuals — collaborating to deliver new standards, technologies, and innovations. We believe Cloudflare should be an active participant in the community and help where we can and should.

Our customers and partners are an active part of the community. I often say that customers are one of my favorite parts of my job (our team is my other favorite part). Our customers give us feedback all the time about what they'd like to see to make their Internet properties more secure, more performant and more reliable. Our partners bring forward standards to help make the Internet run more smoothly. For Birthday Week this year, you are going to see many of these come to life.

No Spoilers Here

That sense of Community is the spirit of this year’s Birthday Week. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect this week.  

  • Monday: As cyberthreats increase, we are going on the offensive. Cybersecurity has often been called an arms race between good people and bad people. To kick off the week, we’re making an announcement that will give our customers the upper hand on one of the most pervasive threats on the Internet today. Already, we block 44 billion cyber threats per day. With Monday’s launch, we’ll give anyone in our community the chance to join us in this fight. If you want to stop bad actors in their tracks, you’ll love tomorrow’s announcement.
  • Tuesday: Insights = the big picture on performance. One thing we hear clearly from our customers is that they need better insights into how their products are performing — from their customers’ point of view. And, with Cloudflare’s vast network, we have an opportunity to meet this need because we see every network and every user in the world. We will announce a powerful new tool that will help our customers gather better data, allowing them to then gauge the speed and performance of their Internet properties. Tune into our blog on Tuesday for more.
  • Wednesday: The wait is over. Our product and engineering teams have been working round-the-clock to build a new experience that makes the Internet faster and safer for everyone. If I were to say anything more, it would surely give it away so I’ll leave it at that — you’ll just need to tune in to the blog on Wednesday to find out.
  • Thursday: Advancing the Internet, one protocol at a time. New protocols are the underpinning of building a modern Internet. But, to do this effectively (or at all), requires a community-based approach. On Thursday, we’re excited to launch a key new protocol with some truly remarkable partners and leaders.
  • Friday: Giving developers more agility and independence. We love developers. Since we first launched Cloudflare Workers two years ago, we’ve seen significant adoption and new innovative solutions that our customers are building with our serverless platform. This week we’ll announce a new Workers service that will let developers easily deploy new web pages and content with Workers.

There's a lot that goes into helping build a better Internet — whether it's improving privacy, giving developers the tools and insights they need to better serve their customers, or teaming up with our ecosystem partners to make our new products more accessible for everyone. Community is the special ingredient to making this happen. We can't wait to share what we've been working on.

—  Michelle

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