App #16 - CodeGuard Website Backup Service

A Time Machine for Your Website

CodeGuard takes a compelling idea -- automatic website backup -- and makes it happen without further thought. That peace of mind keeps site owners sleeping easily, and it's just the most compelling of the service's offerings. We're thrilled to add this CloudFlare App to cover another angle of smooth site operation.

CodeGuard takes backups only when the code on your site changes, and gives you the chance to scroll through old copies of site code. In conventional "Backup Mode," CodeGuard can capture your existing live site on hourly, daily, or monthly basis, storing each sweep as a different version. They call this "Undo Power" to helping you recover from lost data or untoward changes.

Special Offering for CloudFlare Customers

CodeGuard created a special free plan for CloudFlare customer: Basic
. Without spending a cent, you may back up a single site up to 1GB in size. For additional sites, or for larger sites, this valuable service costs only $10/month. Thank you, CodeGuard!

App #16 - CodeGuard Website Backup Service

How to Start Using CodeGuard

In your CloudFlare dashboard, CodeGuard requires just a single click to create an account. For your first site, that's it: follow the instructions in your welcome email, and have your FTP instructions handy.

Go get your free website backup started now, and relax.