EDIT: Pingdom was a previous app partner, but is not currently participating in the Cloudflare Apps program. The link to the app has been removed from the end of the post.

App a Day #5 - Pingdom free account

Be The First To Know If Your Website Goes Down

You use CloudFlare because you want high performance, reliability, and security. Website owners deserve nothing less. Because we believe in transparency, we provide insight into our system status. Still, it's important to have third-party verification, so we encourage the use of outside monitors.

Today's App can help. Pingdom is a leader in uptime monitoring. From your CloudFlare dashboard, you can create a Pingdom account with free monitoring for a single domain. For those with multiple domains or more complex requirements, the upgrade is easy.

Pingdom Features

There's more detail available but the core benefits of Pingdom include:

  • Alerts on downtime
  • Performance and uptime stats
  • Helps you troubleshoot downtime

How to Create Your Free Pingdom Account

Getting started with Pingdom is simple. Visit the Pingdom [link removed] page in CloudFlare Apps, continue to the CloudFlare Apps page for your preferred domain, and toggle the switch ON... your free account will be created instantly, with a link to configure your settings.