App a Day #9 - Monitis for Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Our first new CloudFlare App this week is Monitis, a server monitoring solution. Monitis allows you to monitor websites, of course. But Monitis's cloud-based, all-in-one monitoring service recognizes that the internet is far more than the web alone.

With Monitis, you can use monitor server CPU, applications, databases, server CPU, memory, processes, end-user experience, uptime, page load, transactions, and lots more. All of this is available via an intuitive dashboard, but these monitors may also be extended via API and command line tools.

Special Offering for CloudFlare Customers

Monitis is offering CloudFlare customers their Basic Plan for $8.99/month, which include 8 external monitors at a 20-minute frequency. That's a 10% discount for CloudFlare customers. Thank you, Monitis!

How to Start Using Monitis

Like all CloudFlare Apps, Monitis is simple to set up. Go to your CloudFlare Apps dashboard, and click the green Setup button. You'll be asked to confirm the subscription, entering billing information if your CloudFlare account doesn't already have it, and then your Monitis account will be automatically created, with a link to the Monitis dashboard.