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WHOIS going to be at the Grace Hopper Celebration?


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Ubuntu us are doing the round trip! It’s time to live - WAN you arrive at GHC, come meet us and say HELO (we love GNU faces, we’ll be very api to meet you). When you’re exhausted like IPv4, git over to the Cloudflare corner to reboot –– we’ll have chargers and Wi-Fi (it’s not a SYN to REST). R booth can be your ESC. Then Thursday morning we’re hosting a breakfast bash with Zendesk –– it will be quite the Assembly, you should definitely Go,
compile a bowl of serial, drink a bit of CIDR or a cup of tee.

I’m also speaking at 1:30PM on Wednesday in OCCC W414 hashing out encryption and updates for IoT –– DES should be a fun session.

ACK! I did NAT tell you how to find us. Check for sum women in capes a few hops away from the booths with the lava LAMP stack. I'm the one with cURLs.

In D air! Excited to LANd. C you soon.

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