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Today Is A Big Day For Page Rules

Published on by Dani Grant.

Today we're releasing a whole suite of upgrades to page rules: API support, additional settings, pausing a page rule and a mobile-friendly design. Page Rules is the technology that allows you to configure your CloudFlare settings on a per-URL basis. It's often our most powerful feature, enabling CloudFlare domain owners

DNSSEC is Open for Beta

Published on by Dani Grant.

Since January, CloudFlare has been running a small, private beta for DNSSEC. Starting today, the DNSSEC beta is open for everyone. To request access, email [email protected] A Background on DNS and DNSSEC DNS is the system that lets your browser know which web server to connect to when

Introducing Multi-User Organizations: Share An Account Without Sharing A Login

Published on by Dani Grant.

An enterprise needs security and controls around access. Your web developer needs to update your website’s logo and make sure it’s live immediately, but doesn’t need access to your SSL keys. Your sysadmin manages your DNS, but doesn’t need to see your visitor traffic. Your marketing