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Come Geek Out With The Original Inventor of DNS at CloudFlare


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We like DNS, we think you might too.

CloudFlare and Gandi are hosting a three-part series on DNS. Our first event will be at the CloudFlare office with Paul Mockapetris, the original inventor of the Domain Name System.

Beyond inventing DNS, Paul built the first ever SMTP server. He ran networking at ARPA, served as the chair of the IETF, and is a honored member of the Internet Hall of Fame. He is currently the Chief Scientist at Threatstop, and the visiting scholar at the Universite de Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

The event is on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 6 PM PDT at our office in San Francisco, 101 Townsend Street (RSVP here). We’ll be covering the early days of DNS, DNS and security, the commercialization of DNS (what Paul famously calls DN$), and the future of DNS.

So come, grab some beer, and hang out with people who like DNS as much as you do.

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