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Introducing Multi-User Organizations: Share An Account Without Sharing A Login


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An enterprise needs security and controls around access.

Your web developer needs to update your website’s logo and make sure it’s live immediately, but doesn’t need access to your SSL keys. Your sysadmin manages your DNS, but doesn’t need to see your visitor traffic. Your marketing team needs to see traffic, but shouldn’t have access to your WAF.

Today CloudFlare is introducing new Multi-User functionality so that many members of a team can work together to manage one CloudFlare account, each with different levels of access.

The Super Admin, and Role-Based Permissions

CloudFlare Multi-User accounts are hierarchical, with the root privileges given to the account’s Super Administrator. The Super Administrator can add or delete users in the organization, change the permissions given to each user, and see and edit all CloudFlare settings. If there is more than one Super Administrator, the Super Administrators can remove each other, which is good practice when an employee leaves the company or switches jobs.

When a user joins a multi-user organization on CloudFlare, they can only see and access the settings that a Super Admin has delegated to them. For example, a user added to the organization as a DNS Administrator would only be able to access the DNS app:

A user added to the organization as an Analytics Administrator would only be able to access analytics, but not see or change other settings:

Roles can be mixed and matched so that a team can customize the permissions for their needs.

Here is what a user sees that has both DNS and Analytics roles:

Multi-User and Two-Factor Authentication

Passwords are known to be weak, (try yours here: how quickly does it break?) but stronger methods of authentication such as two-factor authentication (2FA) typically don’t work when multiple people need to share access to a single account.

Over the past year, the world has witnessed many prominent corporate and government accounts compromised as a result of not using two-factor authentication. We’ve supported two-factor authentication for years, and we encourage everyone to turn it on. With Multi-User, any size organization can use 2FA for account security.

Beyond 2FA, Multi-User also provides each user with their own API key so that independent keys can easily be revoked and reissued.

Multi-User Rollout

Multi-User is an Enterprise-only feature and is already in use by large multinational organizations and governments. Starting today, Multi-User is available for all CloudFlare Enterprise customers. If you are an Enterprise customer who would like to have Multi-User enabled, contact your account manager. Not yet a customer? Contact our sales team.

This new functionality is only possible on the new CloudFlare dashboard that we are in the process of rolling out to all users this week

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