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Welcome, Old Friend, Media Temple


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Welcome, Old Friend, Media Temple

CloudFlare launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September 2010. When you walked in the front door of that conference, the first booth you came to was the one for Media Temple. We immediately hit it off with the company that is focused on delivering their customers a solid service with great design.

Over the last year, we've build a close relationship. After many emails, several phone calls, and a quick trip to LA, Matthew, CloudFlare's CEO and cofounder, met with the Media Temple CEO at TechCrunch Disrupt New York. He understood the benefits immediately. What was clear to him was clear to our entire team and community: Media Temple and CloudFlare are a great match.

Up until today, we've had several thousand Media Temple customers sign up for our service through our website. What is different today is you can click a single button in the Media Temple interface and begin to enjoy the benefits of CloudFlare without having to change anything else. We're excited to welcome Media Temple as a CloudFlare Certified Hosting Provider.

If you're a Media Temple customer, and you're already on CloudFlare, there's nothing you need to do. If you're a Media Temple customer, and you're not yet on CloudFlare, look for the CloudFlare button in your (mt) AccountCenter. One click and your site will be twice as fast and protected from bad people.

It feels like CloudFlare and Media Temple have long been old friends. We're excited to affirm that friendship and make it possible for all of our users to get the benefits of both platforms.

Learn more about CloudFlare at Media Temple here

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