We Saved Users Half a Petabyte Last Month!

I was just looking over our daily stats report and noticed something incredible. In the last 30 days, CloudFlare saved our users more than half a petabyte of data they would have otherwise had to transfer from their servers.

That's 500 terabytes, 500 million megabytes, or approximately the equivalent data contained in 1 billion books. That's not the total data we transferred, which is even more, that's the amount of data we saved users from having to transfer. To give you a sense of the value, if all our users were buying their bandwidth from Amazon Web Services then we would have collectively saved them more than $60,000 in bandwidth fees just last month.

On average, we save users about 60% of the bandwidth and 65% of the requests their origin servers would have otherwise had to handle -- decreasing bandwidth usage and server load. And we're refining our caching algorithms to make them even better. Pretty incredible.