Recently, I spoke at the dotGo 2014 conference in Paris and my colleague (and creator of OpenResty) Yichun Zhang spoke at the first NGINX conference in San Francisco.

If you need to take a break, go grab a drink and enjoy one of these two talks.

The Latest and Greatest from ngx_lua: New Features & Tools

Tired of writing NGINX C-modules or setting-up back-end application servers? The ngx_lua module was created to save time and pain, while opening up new possibilities in the world of NGINX. The ngx_lua module embeds the Lua dynamic language into the NGINX core, turning NGINX into a highly scriptable proxy server. Many use it as a non-blocking full-stack web application server as well--also known as OpenResty.

Led by ngx_lua co-creator and sole-maintainer, CloudFlare’s Yichun Zhang, this presentation will introduce all the latest features implemented in the ngx_lua module as well as other new tools. Yichun will focus on features including: light threads, websockets, timers, NGINX worker initialization hooks, SSL/TLS coroutine-based sockets (or “cosockets”), full-duplex cosockets and more.

The session wraps-up covering new advanced tools to troubleshoot and profile ngx_lua-based systems including dynamic tracing utilities based on Systemtap and GDB extension commands.

I came for the easy concurrency; I stayed for the easy composition

In this talk I told the story of a small Go program written to solve a problem at CloudFlare and how it evolved.