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Cloudflare and Rackspace Technology Expand Partnership with Managed Services


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Last year, Cloudflare announced the planned expansion of our partner program to help managed and professional service partners efficiently engage with Cloudflare and join us in our mission to help build a better Internet. We’ve been hard at work growing and expanding our partnerships with some amazing global teams that help us support digital transformation and security needs around the world, and today we’d like to highlight one of our Elite global partners, Rackspace Technology.

Today, we are announcing the expansion of our worldwide reseller partnership with Rackspace Technology to include a series of managed services offerings for Cloudflare. As a result, with Cloudflare Security, Performance, and Reliability with Rackspace Managed Services, customers will not only have access to and the scalability of Cloudflare’s global network and integrated cloud platform of security, performance, and reliability solutions but also benefit from a team of certified, enabled Rackspace experts to configure, onboard, and deploy Cloudflare solutions. Because more than 1 billion unique IP addresses pass through Cloudflare's global network every day, Cloudflare, together with its solutions providers, can build real-world intelligence on the communications occurring over the Internet, and how well they perform. We’ve enjoyed enabling their teams to leverage this scope of information and we’re excited that Rackspace is ready to deliver this support to our shared customers.

Rackspace engineers are now trained on the features and configuration of Cloudflare to manage our capabilities alongside customers’ Rackspace-hosted websites. These managed services make it easy for Rackspace customers to have an Internet presence that is secure, performant, and reliable, with no tradeoffs.

Cloudflare Security, Performance, and Reliability with Rackspace Managed Services includes:

  • Onboarding support for customers consuming Cloudflare Managed DNS, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Advanced DDoS Protection, and Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Configuration and consultation for additional Cloudflare products and services, such as Bot Management, Load Balancing, Argo Smart Routing, Argo Tunnel, and Rate Limiting.
  • Ongoing management of Cloudflare services and products in the form of incident triage, troubleshooting and diagnostics, allowlisting, cache and security settings, and access rules.
  • Review and management of Cloudflare Analytics and Logs to optimize Cloudflare features.

With this announcement, we are building on strong existing field engagement and momentum across all of our geographies. We encourage you to read more about how our global partnership with Rackspace is securing and accelerating business-critical Internet properties for our shared customers, and check out this short video clip from Rackspace Technology’s VP of Alliances and Channel Chief, Lisa McLin.

This new facet of our partnership will allow us to provide additional value to our global customers, while allowing Rackspace customers to benefit from Cloudflare’s industry-leading technology. As we evolve this new phase of our partnership, Rackspace and Cloudflare will continue to explore opportunities that expand our services while aligning to our core value of reducing the complexity of Internet security, performance, and reliability.

Our diverse network of partners is essential to our mission of helping to build a better Internet, and we are dedicated to the success of our partners. Cloudflare is committed to making our service partners successful. We ensure our shared customers have the best technology and expertise available to them as they look for solutions to protect their critical applications, infrastructure, and teams.

We’re looking forward to further strengthening our global alliance with Rackspace Technology and other partners around the world. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Cloudflare and Rackspace.

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