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Shaping the future: Cloudflare's service partner strategy


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Shaping the future: Cloudflare's service partner strategy

Introduction and partner landscape

Cloudflare’s global network spans over 310 cities in more than 120 countries, and interconnects with 13,000 networks globally, including major ISPs, cloud services, and enterprises. This network serves as a globally distributed foundation from which Cloudflare offers a broad product portfolio spanning everything from core Internet services like security, performance, and reliability — to web development, AI, corporate access management, creative products, and more.

The diversity of our products is reflected in our millions of customers, who span a dizzying array of industries and institutions in nearly every country around the world. This incredible diversity has meant a lot of specialisation, as Cloudflare’s adaptable product suite is fitted for each use case. Many customers are keen to have a partner to help them ensure they are getting everything they can out of Cloudflare. And they’d like to do it in the language of their choice, with partners who are familiar with the industries and regions they operate in.

This is why Cloudflare has for many years invested in our Partner Services programs, and has made a concerted effort to scout and partner with the world’s leading service providers who can deliver Cloudflare solutions to the highest standard. These firms and consultancies combine technical expertise using Cloudflare’s platform with fluency in an array of different specialities.

The launch of the Authorized Service Delivery Partner (ASDP) program stands as a testament to this initiative. Through this program, we have successfully onboarded a select number of partners, each an expert in their respective fields, ensuring a diverse and robust service delivery landscape. As a result of these efforts, we are proud to showcase our current roster of ASDP partners. These organizations have been specifically authorized by Cloudflare to operate in distinct domains, reflecting our commitment to diversity and excellence in service delivery:

Partner Name Country Coverage ASDP Category
MegazoneCloud APJC - Korea Application Services
Global Security Experts (GSX) APJC - Japan Zero Trust
AZ Asia Pacific APJC - ASEAN Zero Trust
Classmethod APJC - Japan Application Services
Omni International APJC - Taiwan Application Services & Zero Trust
Master Concept International APJC - Hong Kong Application Services & Zero Trust
TechDirect APJC - Singapore Application Services
Primary Guard APJC - Malaysia & Indonesia Zero Trust
FPT Telecom APJC - Vietnam Application Services
CentCloud APJC - China Application Services
Cloud Hong Kong East Asia APJC - China Application Services
Airowire Networks APJC - India Zero Trust
Valuepoint APJC - India Application Services & Zero Trust
The Missing Link APJC - ANZ Zero Trust
BespinGlobal APJC - Korea Application Services
CDS EMEA - UK&I Application Services & Zero Trust
Layer8 EMEA - Spain, Portugal, Italy & Greece Application Services & Zero Trust
Bouvet EMEA - Nordics Zero Trust
Bakotech EMEA - Central and East Europe + Russia + Israel Application Services
Focus Group EMEA - UK&I Zero Trust
DGI Tech Group EMEA - Central and East Europe + Russia + Israel Application Services
Cronos Group EMEA - Benelux Application Services
Opticca AMER Zero Trust
Optiv AMER Application Services & Zero Trust
Serviops AMER Application Services & Migration
Novacoast AMER Application Services & Zero Trust
Adapture AMER Application Services & Zero Trust & Migration

We also place significant emphasis on our strategic alliances with Global System Integrators (GSIs) like NTT, and Kyndryl. GSIs are key players in the tech industry, offering extensive technology and business solutions across various sectors worldwide. The value of these partnerships have not only broadened our reach but have also enriched our ecosystem with a range of bespoke service offerings tailored to the nuanced needs of our clients. You can read in this press release how Kydnryl partnered with Cloudflare to deliver managed network transformation services.

Alongside our collaborations with Global System Integrators, we place equal importance on the role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are vital in guiding customers through every step of their digital journey, working hand-in-hand with them from initial onboarding and integration to managing day-to-day operations and optimizing performance. Recognizing this critical role that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play in the customer lifecycle, we have streamlined our MSP specialization under the partner program. This refinement was carried out with the clear objective of making it more straightforward for MSPs to integrate and innovate within the Cloudflare ecosystem. By doing so, we have empowered them to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that drive customer success and operational excellence.

The Cloudflare Global Partner Services Team is dedicated to supporting a diverse set of service partners, including Value Added Resellers (VARs), boutique consultancies, regional Systems Integrators (SIs), Global Systems Integrators (GSIs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), each playing a unique role in our collective success.

Our vision and strategy

We envision a future where our partners go beyond traditional roles to become pivotal in shaping the digital ecosystem. Our strategic intent is to empower these partners to be at the heart of innovation and digital transformation, ensuring they are equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

In alignment with this vision, our ongoing strategy includes a continuous evolution of our services partner programs. We are committed to expanding our portfolio of partners, carefully curating a network that not only grows in number but also in the diversity of expertise and services offered. This expansion is coupled with a focus on service delivery quality. To provide a clearer insight, here's a comprehensive overview of the key services offered by our authorized partners globally:

Supporting our partners: the role of partner service delivery managers & technical services manager

In Cloudflare's partner ecosystem, our internal teams of Partner Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) and Partner Technical Services Managers (TSMs) play crucial roles in supporting our partners. SDMs concentrate on growing our services partner network through active engagement and onboarding processes. They ensure that each partner is in alignment with Cloudflare’s strategic direction and maintains our high standards. Meanwhile, TSMs are pivotal in securing the technical success of these partnerships, offering specialized technical guidance and support.

Cloudflare Partner SDMs are the architects behind the expansion of our services partner network, working tirelessly to identify, engage, and onboard potential partners. They collaborate to ensure that each partnership meets Cloudflare's high standards and strategic direction, aiming for mutual success. Post onboarding, the SDM becomes a partner’s compass, guiding them through the different stages of their journey. They are committed to improving these relationships by providing continuous support and access to growth opportunities, they play a crucial role in offering development, aiding partners in refining and enhancing their service offerings to stay in lockstep with Cloudflare’s solutions and evolving market demands.

To illustrate the impact of a Partner Service Delivery Manager (SDM), consider a prospective partner with ambition to establish a network transformation practice, with managed service offerings built upon Cloudflare technology. The Partner SDM would embark with them on this journey with a systematic and strategic approach. Initially, they would work closely with the new partner to grasp the market needs, identifying areas where Cloudflare’s technology can fill gaps and create value. They would then assist in pinpointing the necessary skills and expertise needed to deliver these services effectively. Following this, the SDM would guide the packaging and bundling of these offerings, ensuring they not only align with Cloudflare’s suite of solutions but also resonate with customer demands and market trends.

Partner Technical Services Managers (TSM) are critical to ensure a partner's technical service delivery success, by ensuring they have the in-depth technical support they need. They provide insights into the best practices for service delivery, from initial deployment to ongoing management. This end-to-end guidance ensures that the journey from concept to successful service delivery is coherent, strategic, and aligned with both your and Cloudflare’s business objectives.

Engagement models: harmonizing Cloudflare services with partner expertise

At Cloudflare, we understand that nothing is more important than the success of our customers. We pride ourselves in being flexible and engaging customers in the manner they prefer. While we have cultivated a robust internal Professional Services (PS) organization, we recognize the invaluable role our partners play in multiplying our reach and capabilities.

Cloudflare Service Partners, with their deep customer relationships, local presence and regional expertise, are instrumental in tailoring our offerings to the nuanced needs of customers worldwide. These external partners supplement our internal PS team with a large pool of experts who combine a deep technical understanding of Cloudflare’s solutions with direct experience spanning a multitude of customers and industries. Their integration expertise is particularly crucial when it comes to blending Cloudflare solutions with an array of third-party tools such as Okta, Crowdstrike, Intune, and Microsoft Active directory, ensuring a seamless technological symphony.

Our partners are also adept at providing Managed Services and Strategic Transformation Experience, which extends beyond the technical deployment. We realize that change management, ongoing support and proactive services are critical to our customers' success. This is where Global System Integrators (GSIs) become a cornerstone of our strategy, complementing Cloudflare's offerings with their specialized, transformative expertise.

In addition to our established engagement models, Cloudflare embraces a Hybrid Model approach, catering to customers who prefer a blend of Cloudflare’s expertise and the specialized skills of our authorized service partners. This model ensures seamless integration of expertise, providing tailored solutions that leverage the best of both Cloudflare’s  and our partners' capabilities.

Opportunities for partners:

In a recent market survey, McKinsey and company survey reveals a $2 trillion market opportunity for cybersecurity technology and service providers which is mainly driven by these factors:

  • A proliferation of cyber attacks targeting SMBs and midmarket companies, who must adopt a strong security posture
  • Regulatory requirements
  • More visibility into security logs, detection, and analysis
  • Shortage of talent and service offerings
  • Demand for higher level of customer engagements

According to, MSPs’ proactive managed service model allows Service Providers to provide relevant services on a subscription basis. With the global cybersecurity market set to rise 13% annually up to 2025, driven by regulatory frameworks such as GDPR and increasing privacy concerns, there is currently an even more lucrative opportunity for MSPs to enter the cybersecurity space. Some key areas where MSPs can contribute include:

  • Security Assessments and overall cyber security Strategy
  • Managed Security Services
  • Incident response and remediation
  • Compliance and regulatory support

With a $2 trillion market opportunity in cybersecurity, it presents a significant growth potential for services partners to grow and expand their business to include Cloudflare portfolio of technology. We are looking for partners to expand our Services Partner Network globally. If you are keen to join, please use the ASDP form, Partner Portal or reach out to your Cloudflare Channel Account Manager.

The road ahead:

As we move into 2024, we'll ensure the enhancement of our service partner program with several key expansions:

  • Expanding our ASDP Partner Portfolio: Initially launched with a focus on application services and Zero Trust (ZT) categories, in 2024, we're excited to expand into networking and edge service categories. We're actively seeking partners with deep expertise in network transformation and serverless edge development.
  • New Specialization for MSPs: In 2024, Cloudflare is launching a new specialization for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as part of our enhanced partner program. This initiative, aligning with industry standards, is designed to integrate Cloudflare seamlessly into MSPs' managed security services.
  • Solution Factory featuring Service Blueprints: To develop innovation among our partners, we're establishing a solution factory. This initiative aims to share Cloudflare’s best practices, offering specific service offering blueprints to aid partners in launching new services built on top of the Cloudflare portfolio.
  • Partner SkillBoost Program: Enhancing our hybrid model, the SkillBoost program aims to create more opportunities for partners to learn directly from Cloudflare's service delivery experts, promoting on-the-job learning and expertise development.
  • Elevating Service Quality: We'll continue to develop new training modules for our services partners. These modules are aimed at enhancing their capabilities and ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver top-tier service quality in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As Cloudflare's physical network of data centers grows, our strategic network of channel partners mirrors this expansion, whom we trust to deliver critical services that customers may require as part of their Cloudflare deployments. We are committed to providing required support and ensuring our partners are equipped with all necessary resources to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

Visit from any device to get started with our free app that makes your Internet faster and safer.

To learn more about our mission to help build a better Internet, start here. If you're looking for a new career direction, check out our open positions.

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