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Partnering with Hugging Face to make deploying AI easier and more affordable than ever 🤗


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Partnering with Hugging Face to make deploying AI easier and more affordable than ever 🤗

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Hugging Face to make AI models more accessible and affordable than ever before to developers.

There are three things we look forward to making available to developers over the coming months:

  1. We’re excited to bring serverless GPU models to Hugging Face — no more wrangling infrastructure or paying for unused capacity. Just pick your model, and go;
  2. Bringing popular Hugging Face optimized models to Cloudflare’s model catalog;
  3. Introduce Cloudflare integrations as a part of Hugging Face’s Inference solutions.

Hosting over 500,000 models and serving over one million model downloads a day, Hugging Face is the go-to place for developers to add AI to their applications.

Meanwhile, over the past six years at Cloudflare, our goal has been to make it as easy as possible for developers to bring their ideas and applications to life on our developer platform.

As AI has become a critical part of every application, this partnership has felt like a natural match to put tools in the hands of developers to make deploying AI easy and affordable.

“Hugging Face and Cloudflare both share a deep focus on making the latest AI innovations as accessible and affordable as possible for developers. We’re excited to offer serverless GPU services in partnership with Cloudflare to help developers scale their AI apps from zero to global, with no need to wrangle infrastructure or predict the future needs of your application — just pick your model and deploy.”
Clem Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face.

We’re excited to share what’s to come, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek into what’s ahead.

Hugging Face models at your fingertips

As a developer, when you have an idea, you want to be able to act on it as quickly as possible. Through our partnership, we’re excited to provide you with familiar models, regardless of where you’re getting started.

If you’re using Cloudflare’s developer platform to build applications, we’re excited to bring Hugging Face models into the flow as a native part of the experience. You will soon be able to deploy Hugging Face models, optimized for performance and speed, right from Cloudflare’s dashboard.

Alternatively, if you’re used to perusing and finding your models on Hugging Face, you will soon be able to deploy them directly from the Hugging Face UI directly to Workers AI.

Both of our teams are committed to building the best developer experiences possible, so we look forward to continuing to file away any friction that gets in developers’ ways of building the next big AI idea.

Bringing serverless GPU inference to Hugging Face users

Hugging Face offers multiple inference solutions to serve predictions from the 500,000 models hosted on the platform without managing infrastructure, from the free and rate-limited Inference API, to dedicated infrastructure deployments with Inference Endpoints, and even in-browser edge inference with Transformers.js.

We look forward to working closely with the teams at Hugging Face to enable new experiences powered by Cloudflare: from new serverless GPU inference solutions, to new edge use cases - stay tuned!

See you soon!

We couldn’t wait to share the news with our developers about our partnership, and can’t wait to put these experiences in the hands of developers over the coming months.

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