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Interconnect Anywhere — Reach Cloudflare’s network from 1,600+ locations


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Interconnect Anywhere — Reach Cloudflare’s network from 1,600+ locations

Customers choose Cloudflare for our network performance, privacy and security.  Cloudflare Network Interconnect is the best on-ramp for our customers to utilize our diverse product suite. In the past, we’ve talked about Cloudflare’s physical footprint in over 200+ data centers, and how Cloudflare Network Interconnect enabled companies in those data centers to connect securely to Cloudflare’s network. Today, Cloudflare is excited to announce expanded partnerships that allows customers to connect to Cloudflare from their own Layer 2 service fabric. There are now over 1,600 locations where enterprise security and network professionals have the option to connect to Cloudflare securely and privately from their existing fabric.

Interconnect Anywhere is a journey

Since we launched Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI) in August 2020, we’ve been focused on extending the availability of Cloudflare’s network to as many places as possible. The initial launch opened up 150 physical locations alongside 25 global partner locations. During Security Week this year, we grew that availability by adding data center partners to our CNI Partner Program. Today, we are adding even more connectivity options by expanding Cloudflare availability to all of our partners’ locations, as well as welcoming CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) and Infiny by Epsilon into our CNI Partner Program. This totals 1,638 locations where our customers can now connect securely to the Cloudflare network. As we continue to expand, customers are able to connect the fabric of their choice to Cloudflare from a growing list of data centers.

Fabric Partner Enabled Locations
PacketFabric 180+
Megaport 700+
Equinix Fabric 46+
Console Connect 440+
CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange 22+
Infiny by Epsilon 250+

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Cloudflare to ensure that our mutual customers can benefit from our carrier-class Software Defined Network (SDN) and Cloudflare's network security in all Packetfabric locations. Now customers can easily connect from wherever they are located to access best of breed security services alongside Packetfabric's Cloud Connectivity options.”
- Alex Henthorn-Iwane, PacketFabric's Chief Marketing Officer
"With the significant rise in DDoS attacks over the past year, it's becoming ever more crucial for IT and Operations teams to prevent and mitigate network security threats. We're thrilled to enable Cloudflare Interconnect everywhere on Megaport's global Software Defined Network, which is available in over 700 enabled locations in 24 countries worldwide. Our partnership will give organizations the ability to reduce their exposure to network attacks, improve customer experiences, and simplify their connectivity across our private on-demand network in a matter of a few mouse clicks."
- Misha Cetrone, Megaport VP of Strategic Partnerships
“Expanding the connectivity options to Cloudflare ensures that customers can provision hybrid architectures faster and more easily, leveraging enterprise-class network services and automation on the Open Cloud Exchange. Simplifying the process of establishing modern networks helps achieve critical business objectives, including reducing total cost of ownership, and improving business agility as well as interoperability.”
- Brian Eichman, CoreSite Senior Director of Product Development
“Partner accessibility is key in our cloud enablement and interconnection strategy. We are continuously evolving to offer our customers and partners simple and secure connectivity no matter where their network resides in the world. Infiny enables access to Cloudflare from across a global footprint while delivering high-quality cloud connectivity solutions at scale. Customers and partners gain an innovative Network-as-a-Service SDN platform that supports them with programmable and automated connectivity for their cloud and networking needs.”
- Mark Daley, Epsilon Director of Digital Strategy

Uncompromising security and increased reliability from your choice of network fabric

Now, companies can connect to Cloudflare’s suite of network and security products without traversing shared public networks by taking advantage of software-defined networking providers. No matter where a customer is connected to one of our fabric partners, Cloudflare’s 200+ data centers ensure that world-class network security is close by and readily available via a secure, low latency, and cost-effective connection. An increased number of locations further allows customers to have multiple secure connections to the Cloudflare network, increasing redundancy and reliability. As we further expand our global network and increase the number of data centers where Cloudflare and our partners are connected, latency becomes shorter and customers will reap the benefits.

Let’s talk about how a customer can use Cloudflare Network Interconnect to improve their security posture through a fabric provider.

Plug and Play Fabric connectivity

Acme Corp is an example company that wants to deliver highly performant digital services to their customers and ensure employees can securely connect to their business apps from anywhere. They’ve purchased Magic Transit and Cloudflare Access and are evaluating Magic WAN to secure their network while getting the performance Cloudflare provides. They want to avoid potential network traffic congestion and latency delays, so they have designed a network architecture with their software-defined network fabric and Cloudflare using Cloudflare Network Interconnect.

With Cloudflare Network Interconnect, provisioning this connection is simple. Acme goes to their partner portal, and requests a virtual layer 2 connection to Cloudflare with the bandwidth of their choice. Cloudflare accepts the connection, provides the BGP session establishment information and organizes a turn up call if required. Easy!

Let’s talk about how Cloudflare and our partners have worked together to simplify the interconnectivity experience for the customer.

With Cloudflare Network interconnect, availability only gets better

Connection Established with Cloudflare Network Interconnect
Connection Established with Cloudflare Network Interconnect

When a customer uses CNI to establish a connection between a fabric partner and Cloudflare, that connection runs over layer 2, configured via the partner user interface. Our new partnership model allows customers to connect privately and securely to Cloudflare’s network even when the customer is not located in the same data center as Cloudflare.

Shorter Customer Path with New Partner Locations
Shorter Customer Path with New Partner Locations‌‌

The diagram above shows a shorter customer path thanks to an incremental partner-enabled location. Every time Cloudflare brings a new data center online and connects with a partner fabric, all customers in that region immediately benefit from the closer proximity and reduced latency.

Network fabrics in action

For those who want to self-serve, we’ve published documentation that details the steps in provisioning these connections. You can find the steps for each partner below:

As we expand our network, it’s critical we provide more ways to allow our customers to connect easily. We will continue to shorten the time it takes to set up a new interconnection, drive down costs, strengthen security and improve customer experience with all of our Network On-Ramp partners.

If you are using one of our software-defined networking partners and would like to connect to Cloudflare via their fabric, contact your fabric partner account team or reach out to us using the Cloudflare Network Interconnect page. If you are not using a fabric today, but would like to take advantage of software-defined networking to connect to Cloudflare, reach out to your account team.

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

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