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Going to IETF 95? Join the TLS 1.3 hackathon


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If you’re in Buenos Aires on April 2-3 and are interested in building, come join the IETF Hackathon. CloudFlare and Mozilla will be working on TLS 1.3, the first new version of TLS in eight years!

At the hackathon we’ll be focusing on implementing the latest draft of TLS 1.3 and testing interoperability between existing implementations written in C, Go, OCaml, JavaScript and F*. If you have experience with network programming and cryptography, come hack on the latest and greatest protocol and help find problems before it is finalized. If you’re planning on attending, add your name to the Hackathon wiki. If you can’t make it, but implementing cryptographic protocols is your cup of tea, apply to join the CloudFlare team!

We’re very excited about TLS 1.3, which brings both security and performance improvements to HTTPS. In fact, if you have a client that speaks TLS 1.3 draft 10, you can read this blog on our TLS 1.3 mirror:

We hope to see you there!

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