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Zaraz launches new pricing


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In July, 2023, we announced that Zaraz was transitioning out of beta and becoming available to all Cloudflare users. Zaraz helps users manage and optimize the ever-growing number of third-party tools on their websites — analytics, marketing pixels, chatbots, and more — without compromising on speed, privacy, or security. Soon after the announcement went online, we received feedback from users who were concerned about the new pricing system. We discovered that in some scenarios the proposed pricing could cause high charges, which was not the intention, and so we promised to look into it. Since then, we have iterated over different pricing options, talked with customers of different sizes, and finally reached a new pricing system that we believe is affordable, predictable, and simple. The new pricing for Zaraz will take effect on April 15, 2024, and is described below.

Introducing Zaraz Events

One of the biggest changes we made was changing the metric we used for pricing Zaraz. One Zaraz Event is an event you’re sending to Zaraz, whether that’s a pageview, a zaraz.track event, or similar. You can easily see the total number of Zaraz Events you’re currently using under the Monitoring section in the Cloudflare Zaraz Dashboard. Every Cloudflare account can use 1,000,000 Zaraz Events completely for free, every month.

The Zaraz Monitoring page shows exactly how many Zaraz Events your website is using

We believe that Zaraz Events are a better representation of the usage of Zaraz. As the web progresses and as Single-Page-Applications are becoming more and more popular, the definition of a “pageview”, which was used for the old pricing system, is becoming more and more vague. Zaraz Events are agnostic to different tech stacks, and work the same when using the Zaraz HTTP API. It’s a simpler metric that should better reflect the way Zaraz is used.

Predictable costs for high volume websites

With the new Zaraz pricing model, every Cloudflare account gets 1,000,000 Zaraz Events per month for free. If your account needs more than that, every additional 1,000,000 Zaraz Events are only $5 USD, with volume discounting available for Enterprise accounts. Compared with other third-party managers and tag management software, this new pricing model makes Zaraz an affordable and user-friendly solution for server-side loading of tools and tags.

Available for all

We also decided that all Zaraz features should be available for everyone. We want users to make the most of Zaraz, no matter how big or small their website is. This means that advanced features like making custom HTTP requests, using the Consent Management API, loading custom Managed Components, configuring custom endpoints, using the Preview & Publish Workflow, and even using the Zaraz Ecommerce features are now available on all plans, from Free to Enterprise.

Try it out

We’re announcing this new affordable price for Zaraz while retaining all the features that make it the perfect solution for managing third-party tools on your website. Zaraz is a one-click installation that requires no server, and it's lightning fast thanks to Cloudflare's network, which is within 50 milliseconds of approximately 95% of the Internet-connected population. Zaraz is extremely extensible using the Open Source format of Managed Components, allowing you to change tools and create your own, and it’s transparent about what information is shared with tools on your website, allowing you to control and improve the privacy of your website visitors.

Zaraz recently completed the migration of all tools to Managed Components. This makes tools on your website more like apps on your phone, allowing you to granularly decide what permissions to grant tools. For example, it allows you to prevent a tool from making client-side network requests or storing cookies. With the Zaraz Context Enricher you can create custom data manipulation processes in a Cloudflare Worker, and do things like attach extra information to payloads from your internal CRM, or automatically remove and mask personally-identifiable information (PII) like email addresses before it reaches your providers.

We would like to thank all the users that provided us with their feedback. We acknowledge that the previous pricing might have caused some to think twice about choosing Zaraz, and we hope that this will encourage them to reconsider. Cloudflare Zaraz is a tool that is meant first and foremost to serve the people building websites on the Internet, and we thank everyone for sharing their feedback to help us get to a better product in the end.

The new pricing for Zaraz will take effect starting April 15, 2024.

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