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Leverage IBM QRadar SIEM to get insights from Cloudflare logs


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Announcing the new IBM QRadar and Cloudflare direct log integration

It’s just gone midnight, and you’ve just been notified that there is a malicious IP hitting your servers. You need to triage the situation; find the who, what, where, when, why as fast and in as much detail as possible.

Based on what you find out, your next steps could fall anywhere between classifying the alert as a false positive, to escalating the situation and alerting on-call staff from around your organization with a middle of the night wake up.

For anyone that’s gone through a similar situation, you’re aware that the security tools you have on hand can make the situation infinitely easier. It’s invaluable to have one platform that provides complete visibility of all the endpoints, systems and operations that are running at your company.

Cloudflare protects customers’ applications through application services: DNS, CDN and WAF to name a few. We also have products that protect corporate applications, like our Zero Trust offerings Access and Gateway. Each of these products generates logs that provide customers visibility into what’s happening in their environments. Many of our customers use Cloudflare’s services along with other network or application services, such as endpoint management, containerized systems and their own servers.

We’re excited to announce that Cloudflare customers are now able to push their logs directly to IBM Security QRadar SIEM. This direct integration leads to cost savings and faster log delivery for Cloudflare and QRadar SIEM customers because there is no intermediary cloud storage required.

Cloudflare has invited our partner from the IBM QRadar SIEM team to speak to the capabilities this unlocks for our mutual customers.


QRadar SIEM provides security teams centralized visibility and insights across users, endpoints, clouds, applications, and networks – helping you detect, investigate, and respond to threats enterprise wide. QRadar SIEM helps security teams work quickly and efficiently by turning thousands to millions of events into a manageable number of prioritized alerts and accelerating investigations with automated, AI-driven enrichment and root cause analysis. With QRadar SIEM, increase the productivity of your team, address critical use cases, and mature your security operation.

Cloudflare’s reverse proxy and enterprise security products are a key part of customer’s environments. Security analysis can gain visibility about logs from these products along with data from tools that span their network to build out detections and response workflows.

The Offenses view in QRadar provides a prioritized list of threats

IBM and Cloudflare have partnered together for years to provide a single pane of glass view for our customers. This new enhanced integration means that QRadar SIEM customers can ingest Cloudflare logs directly from Cloudflare’s Logpush product. QRadar SIEM also continues to support customers who are leveraging existing integration via S3 storage.

For more information about how to use this new integration, refer to the Cloudflare Logs DSM guide. Also, check out the blog post on the QRadar Community blog for more details!

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

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