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Welcome to GA Week


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Welcome to GA Week

Cloudflare ships a lot of products. Some of those products are shipped as beta, sometimes open, sometimes closed, and our huge customer base gives those betas an incredible workout. Making products work at scale, and in the heterogeneous environment of the real Internet is a challenge. We’re lucky to have so many enthusiastic customers ready to try out our betas.

And when those products exit beta they’re GA or Generally Available. This week you’ll be hearing a lot about products becoming GA.

But it’s not just about making products work and be available, it’s about making the best-of-breed. We ship early and iterate rapidly. We’ve done this over the years for WAF, DDoS mitigation, bot management, API protection, CDN and our developer platform. Today analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC recognize us as leaders in all those areas.

That’s one reason we’re trusted by the likes of Broadcom, NCR, DHL Parcel, Panasonic, Canva, Shopify, L'Oréal, DoorDash, Garmin and more.

Over the years we’ve heard criticism that we’re the new kid on the block. The latest iteration of that is Zero Trust vendors seeing us as novices. It sounds all too familiar. It’s what the DDoS, WAF, bot management, DNS, API protection, and serverless vendors used to say before we blew past them.

We innovate fast because we built a structure and culture that allows it. Cloudflare operates three main innovation teams (Product/Engineering, Emerging Technology and Incubation, and Technology/Research) that work on projects with differing time horizons. We encourage innovation from outside those teams as well.

In a week’s time it’ll be Cloudflare’s 12th birthday and, as every year, we’ll have a Birthday Week when we’ll announce radically new and different products that are likely to cause a great deal of surprise. The teams above have been working hard on things that will change how people think about Cloudflare.

But before we get there, you’re going to hear about products that are out of beta and generally available. Most of these things have been announced before, here on this blog. But they were in beta.

Now they’re ready for everyone.

In fact, we had so many products becoming generally available that we decided to create a new Innovation Week: Cloudflare GA Week. We’ll still keep making products Generally Available throughout the year, but this year, at least, we have a bonanza week of products that are ready.

Even during the beta these products have been in use by real customers, and you’ll be hearing from them this week as well. It’s always inspiring to see how our products are used. It’s one thing to build a product, it’s fascinating to work with customers on how they’ll use it and what it enables them to do.

We aren’t going to be satisfied until every one of the products we talk about is best of breed and a leader in its own category. Together they form Cloudflare’s platform, a platform which is unmatched by anyone in the industry.

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