The CloudFlare Drupal

A Drupal developer, Brian Stevenson, recently created a CloudFlare Drupal extension that will help Drupal site owners get the original visitor IP at the Drupal level. Some common FAQs about the CloudFlare Drupal Extension:

What does the Drupal extension do?

The extension restores the original visitor IP at the Drupal level. Before the extension was available, your logs would reflect CloudFlare's proxy IP addresses.

Where can I find the installation directions for the Drupal Extension?

You can find the installation on the website.

Do I need to install the extension if I have mod_cloudflare installed?

You do not need to install the extension if you have already installed mod_cloudflare on your server. It is recommended that you install both if you need original visitor IP at both the Drupal and server level.

What version of Drupal is the extension compatible with?

The extension has known compatibility with Drupal 6. Drupal 7 is still under development.

Does the Drupal extension have the same features as the CloudFlare WordPress plugin?

The Drupal extension does not have the same spam reporting capabilities or database optimization features found in the CloudFlare WordPress plugin. However, the Drupal plug-in will continue to develop to include additional features.

Are there other things I should know about using CloudFlare and Drupal?

A CloudFlare customer wrote up a helpful guide to what they found to be best practices using Drupal with CloudFlare.

A shout out to Brian for bringing this extension to the CloudFlare and Drupal community. If you are interested in contributing to the Drupal extension, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a note.


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