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A Fast, Secure Migration to Google Cloud Platform using Cloudflare

October 06, 2017 3:00PM

OnAir Video Presentation Abstract Looking to host your website, application, or API in the cloud, or migrate to a new cloud provider while keeping your data secure? In this webinar, Trey Guinn, Head of Solutions Engineering at Cloudflare, will discuss how companies should approach security, during and after migration. We'll highlight the migration story of LUSH, one of the largest global e-Commerce cosmetic retailers, and how they took the right steps to migrate from their previous cloud provider to Google Cloud Platform, in less than 3 weeks. Trey will be performing a live demo on setting up Cloudflare load balancing across cloud providers, as well as optimizing security through web application firewall (WAF), SSL / TLS Encryption, and Rate Limiting. Speakers Asad Baheri Security & Networking Partner Manager Google Cloud Platform Trey Guinn Head of Solutions Engineering Cloudflare Webinar Transcription and Load Balancing Demo Asad...

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